The One Thing You Must Do for Weight Loss Results

HELLO DOLLS! I have a free gift and a surprise for you. I’m writing an amazing e-book — “Beach Babe: Cultivating Your Inner Bad-Ass, Getting Hot & Fit, & Losing Weight.” It includes tips on harnessing your inner strength, developing a bad-ass, healthy persona and loving yourself and your body. It also contains diet and weight loss info, as well as a couple of fat-blasting workouts for one helluva a beach body. To learn about your free gift, read on.

But first, let’s talk about the one thing you must do to see weight loss results. Let’s skip the obvious answer — working out — and talk about the not so obvious key to progress.

Metrics — simply tracking your efforts will make a HUGE difference in the physical changes you will make. The things to track are your measurements, what you do during your workouts and the days of the week you workout. Also, track what you eat daily by snapping a photo or writing it in a special food journal. In “Beach Babe,” I go into detail about how to measure yourself, how to track your workouts and fill out your forms for optimum results.

Seeing how much effort you put in on a weekly basis, and the payoff in inches lost, will bolster your determination to keep you going strong. That’s why I’m giving you the metrics forms I designed just for the “Beach Babe” e-book. When you sign up for my newsletter, “The Monthly Rag,” you’ll get the forms and a discount off the price on the soon-to-be-released e-book. Once you confirm your subscription to my newsletter, you’ll get an instant follow-up e-mail with a link to your free pdf’s. You can save them to your desktop or print them out and use them to help you along your way to an ultimate beach bod.

Happy tracking, beach babes!

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