Spring/Summer Skin Care Tips

It might still be cold in your area of the world, but warmer weather and sunny skies are coming in the days ahead. Take advantage of the good weather, go out and get active. This is a great time to start a walking regimen, something I’ll talk about in detail for tomorrow’s Workout Wednesdays.

However, the topic of this post is not about walking, but how to care for your skin while you are out about getting exercise and trimming down for summer. If you want to stay looking young and lovely for as long as possible, the No. 1 rule is to wear sunscreen. UVA and UVB rays cause splotchy, uneven skin tone, dry the skin, promote collagen degeneration and cause deep wrinkles.

Wearing SPF 15 is good during wintertime, but in the warmer months, wear SPF 55 or higher. You can find moisturizing sunscreens made particularly for the face at any drug store. Put it on before you apply makeup, but allow it a few minutes to dry before applying concealer or foundation. You might also want to cover the backs of your hands, as they also reveal the tale tell signs of aging.

I’ve been wearing sunscreen on my face, neck and decolletage every day since I was 22, and I’d like to believe it’s one of the major factors that has kept me looking youthful up to my 30th birthday (just around the corner).

Reapply sunscreen if you’re going to be in the sun for more than an hour, and for extra protection, bring a wide-brim hat to keep the sun off your face.

But won’t a tan protect my skin?

Despite what many people believe, getting a light “starter” tan will not protect you from skin damage while you sun yourself on future occasions. Any tan caused by UVA/UVB exposure is a sign of skin damage.That includes those tans gotten from sunbeds. They are bad news, people.

If you want to get a tan this summer but want to protect your skin from the aging effects of UVA/UVB, get a spray tan from a professional. It can last up to two weeks. Or go to the drug store and buy a bottle of self-tanning lotion. Be sure to exfoliate well before both of these treatments for best results.

Other youthful skin tips

My other youthful skin tips are to drink plenty of water every day and stay away from caffeine, which dehydrates. The latter is hard for me, as I’m an avid coffee drinker. For each caffeinated drink, consume at least three cups of water additional to your daily requirements. That’s a lot of water!

Finally, and it’s a biggie, stay away from sugar. That’s right, I said it! You’re probably not surprised, but I bet this will surprise you. Sugar not only causes weight gain, something we all know, but it also causes glycation, which damages collagen, elastin and protein fibers that keep skin firm and elastic. The result is wrinkled and sagging skin. Yikes! Think twice next time you reach for your favorite sweet treat.

So to wrap it up, caring for your skin is not only only a way to stay looking youthful longer, it’s a great way to trim the waistline. It’s win-win, really. See ya’ here tomorrow, folks.

UVA and UVB rays cause splotchy, uneven skin tone, dry the skin, promote collagen degeneration and cause deep wrinkles.

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