Self Love Friday Forum: Luxury Edition

Hi ladies! Happy Friday. So today’s Self Love Friday is a bit different than the previous two. Instead of a video, I wanted to throw out some fun ideas for stuff you can do this weekend to feel luxurious. It’s like a party for one, only lots of fun.

1. Get a massage.

If you’ve been working out this week and you’re sore, treat yourself to a massage. If money is a problem, check out your local massage therapy school to see if they offer massage for the public. Those students have to practice on someone. Or call around and find the best rate. There is an $8 massage studio in my town. Sweet!

2. Make your home luxurious.

That might mean something different to you than it does for me, but I like to have soft rugs underfoot and a soft blankie to curl up with on the couch or in bed while watching mindless TV or catching up on my favorite blogs. You might buy yourself fresh flowers and put them in a prominent place in your home and/or light your favorite candle. Heck, even cleaning your house to perfection will feel luxurious – that is – when you’re done with the cleaning part.

3. Get your hair done.

Get a cut and/ or color to shake up your self-expression a bit. I recently read a post by Gala Darling in which she said something I love, “You always know a girl is about to change her life when she changes her hair.” It’s so true! I’m about to get a new do myself. I’ll post a piccy when I do.

4. Get a manicure/pedicure or do one yourself.

Have you seen the fun nail polish colors in stores lately? There are so many amazing candy colors I have had to restrain myself from buying too many. A mani/pedi fresh coat of nail polish always makes me feel clean and spiffy.

5. Get some sun.

I know the weather is a mixed bag around the country right now, but if there are warm days in the forecast in your area, go out and soak up the sun for up to 15 minutes. You’ll replenish your vitamin D and feel great.

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