Self Esteem Activities

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When your self confidence is low it’s often because of learned behavior patterns that have become ingrained in your psyche. This can include negative internal self talk, negative speech and a pessimistic attitude. The best way to kick these habits is to engage in self esteem activities that will replace your old patterns with positive behaviors. We’ll talk about the problem (P) and actions (A).

Try these self esteem activities

P: Negative self talk – People often don’t notice the harsh chatter of their pesky inner voice. Familiarize yourself with the negative things you repeatedly tell yourself. Spend a day monitoring your thoughts to pick up on what issues come up most. You’ll probably see a pattern, an outstanding issue. For the next few days, stay alert to your negative self talk, but when you notice it, replace it with positive thoughts.

A: Let’s say you believe you aren’t smart enough. Get out a sheet of paper and make a big “T” column. Write “Negative Thoughts” in the top left of the “T,” and “Truths” in the top right column. Write the things you regularly think on the left. Now think of times when you have demonstrated intelligence. Write all of these down. Maybe you found a more productive way to get things done at work or picked up on a problem that no one else did – meaning you are productive and perceptive. Using these “truths,” write positive statements to tell yourself when those old negative thoughts crop up.

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P: Negative speech – Do you often speak poorly of yourself to others? If you often say negative things about your intelligence, looks, body, financial status or self worth, then this one is for you.

A: Go to the bank and get 50 dollar bills. Tell everyone you know that you will give them $1 for every negative thing you say about yourself. This will not only make you very popular :) , but it will make you want to keep your lips sealed. Your goal, of course, is to give away as little money as possible for a duration of two weeks.

P: Pessimistic attitude – If you are a pessimist you probably know it. Either you’re self diagnosed or people have commented on it. The issue with a chronic negative attitude is you tend to not see things as they are but through your filter of pessimism. Any rational thinking mind will see this as problematic. If you are negative about most things, as would define a pessimist, then you are probably funneling negative thoughts toward yourself.

A: Nip your bad attitude in the bud when it comes to everything, not just toward yourself. Train yourself to look for the positive in every single situation. As soon as you find yourself complaining or brooding about something, find a positive aspect (hint: there always is one). The less you see the glass as half empty, the more you will broaden your perspective, which will lift the veil of negativity that surrounds your self image.

These are by no means the only self esteem activities you can use, but they are a great way to start to shift your thoughts toward loving acceptance. I would suggest taking one action at a time, because too much change at once can be overwhelming and hinder your progress.

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