Leg Workout

I went shopping the other day for summer clothes and found that practically every pair of shorts was no more than the width of an ace bandage. I’m glad I’ve been doing a regular leg workout so I can be confident wearing those itty bitty shorts this summer. Because let me tell you – in years past there was no way I’d be brave enough to wear them. Heck no. My legs were the source of acute embarrassment for more years than I care to mention. It makes me antsy thinking about it. All that time I spent wearing jeans and sweating my ass off just walking from the house to the car I could have been wearing breezy shorts and showing off nicely tanned and toned legs.

Leg Workout Video Below!

I tend to do the same leg workouts regularly, and that’s because they really work. I’ve done a video of four of my favorite women’s leg workouts. The volume is low, so if you can’t hear, just watch for proper form. Do 15-20 reps of each of these moves three times a week, and you’ll be toned and sexy in no time. Remember, you can tone your legs with leg workouts, but you won’t get “skinny” legs because you did them. If you want to get skinny legs, you have to lose weight all over. Apply my articles on weight loss like “How Skinny People Eat,” and you’ll really see some results.

Here’s one more quick, super effective leg workout below.

Bikini Body Boot Camp — FREE!

Do two to three sets and 20 repetitions of each Bikini Body Boot Camp exercise
up to three alternating days a week.

With bathing suit season just around the corner, it’s time to get into high gear and put in some fierce workouts. That’s why I’ve designed a free Bikini Body Boot Camp for you that Trey and I are also doing at home. It has really kicked our butts, so I know it’s going to get you into bikini body shape in no time. I’m releasing the first three moves in a video (above) for all of my blog readers, but if you want the full-length Bikini Body Boot Camp workout, simply sign up for my free “Monthly Rag” newsletter. It contains information about getting and staying in shape, and subscribers get perks like the full-length boot camp workout and lots of other good stuff to come. Click the link below to get the “Rag.”

Walking to Lose Weight

Hello, ladies! For those of you who want to slim down, walking to lose weight is a great option. You want to eat a clean diet, of course, and walk anywhere from three to seven days a week for 30 minutes up to an hour. (To learn what to eat for weight loss, check out any of the posts in the “Weight Loss” category.) If you walk seven days a week, take a leisurely stroll at least two of those days to avoid overdoing it.

Walking to Lose Weight: ADDENDUM!

I left one thing out of the video. Following your intervals, you want to wind your walk down with a five minute cool down stroll. This will help you take your heart rate down, keeping you from feeling woozy once you’re done.

Beginners: If you’re severely out of shape, walk for 10 minutes, working your way up to 20 and 30 minutes, and as you progress, begin to follow the advice in the video.

How to Look Thinner Instantly

I wish I had figured out how to look thinner with this one tip sooner. All you have to do is straighten your posture. But many of us hunch over slightly because we’re always sitting at desks and at our computers. Watch the video for a simple way to adjust your posture so you can look thinner without even trying.

Do the exercise with or without weights, and do it frequently (several days a week) to counteract the time you spend sitting at a desk. It does wonders.

Workout Wednesdays: So Fab Abs

Happy Workout Wednesday! This is the second edition and I wanted to mention that you can use these mini workouts to create one total body workout. So keep following along to add variety to your routine.

I also wanted to mention that in the “Lateral Hops” segment of the video, I’m not jumping very far. That’s because I was trying to stay in the frame :) When you do the workout, jump at least 3 to 4 feet apart. Place masking tape on the floor to be your guides.


Lateral Hops — 12 (Beginners, when you land, balance on one foot for 2-3 seconds.  Intermediate/advanced — make the jumps fast and explosive.)

London Bridge — 12 (This one will give you a sexy “v” on your torso like the boys have.)

Charlie’s Angel — 12 (Hits your obliques. Use a 5 lb. dumbbell or medicine ball. Be sure to bend you knee on your pivoting foot.)


Three of each

If you want a flat, shapely stomach, don’t forget to add cardio several times a week to your routine.

The Push: How to Get the Most Out of Your Workouts

(Wanna hear an embarrassing personal story? It’s on the video. Yikes! Oh yeah, and about those boxes in the corner of the video, I’m moving in a week. It’s so chaotic around here right now!)

So have you ever been in the middle of a hard workout and just quit?  If so, this one is for you. But it’s also for those of you who never even attempt to do hard workouts. If you want to see results, you have to watch this video and take action. Do it, baby!

Self Love Friday Forum: Issue No. 1

Welcome to the first ever Self-Love Friday Forum where I hope to start a dialog about social beauty standards, self-image, confidence, etc. The decision to get fit starts with a little self-love. If you’re lacking in this department or just want to sprinkle a little glitter on your day, watch the video and do the “challenge” given at the end.


Question: What don’t you like about your body (if anything) and why do you think that is? Does it have something to do with social beauty standards or not?

This video, above, offers an interesting and positive take on women’s body types. Have you been called a pear shape? Not anymore, doll!

Question: What do you think of the video? Do you think renaming body types will help to positively alter women’s self-image?

Workout Wednesdays: Toned for Tanks Arms

Maybe you noticed that catchy slogan, “Workout Wednesdays.” Since I know you are oh, so smart I’ll bet you guessed where I’m going with this. Yep, every Wednesday you can stop by for a workout to add to your routine. This first Workout Wednesdays will help you to tone up your arms for rockin’ those cute lil’ tank tops this summer. Watch the video and then scroll down the page for the sets and reps counts.


Two to three


Shoulder-2-Shoulder — 24

Curl + V-Press — 12

Tricep Dips — 12

In the video, I’m using two 5 lb. weights (a medicine ball works for this, too) for a total of 10 lbs. pressed. But you don’t have to start there. Challenge yourself. If you can easily do 24 reps, you’re not using enough weight. Same for the Curl + V-Press. If 12 reps is too easy, up the weight.

C’mon, show us your guns!

How to Stress Less and Burn More Fat

It may not be a cure all, but this “chill pill” sure does help.

Warrior Dash & How to Gain Endurance

Scenes from the 3 mile obstacle/endurance challenge Warrior Dash. No sissies allowed!

Warrior Dash was a blast! There were crazy costumes and happy, muddy, pumped up people everywhere. A tornado scare and the fact that we were drenched by rain while stuck for 20 minutes in a mud rut in the parking lot added to the excitement. There’s no way Trey and I will forget that day. Check out the clip above to watch Warrior Dash from the perspective of my video lens.

Endurance Training

To get ready for an endurance challenge, start conditioning yourself several months ahead of time. This will give your body time to adapt to the challenges you place on it like long-distance running.


If you are *severely* out of shape, I recommend beginning your training up to six months in advance. Start with a walking regimen. If you are able to, walk 20 minutes three to five times a week. Your perceived rate of exertion should begin (warm-up walk) at a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. Gradually work up to a 5 and 6 exertion rate during your walk, alternating between those levels every two to three minutes.

If you’re doing it right, your heart rate will be higher than normal and your rate of breathing will be increased. During the last two to three minutes of your walk, decrease your intensity to a 4. This is your cool-down. Finish with lower body stretches.

Move on to intermediate walking when you are able to walk 20 minutes without stopping and with proper form.

Photo found here.


Walk 30 to 45 minutes three to five times a week. The same perceived rate of exertion as above applies. One to two times a week, instead of walking, run for one minute. Rest two minutes. Do eight bouts of one-minute runs.

Follow your runs and walks with a 2-3 min. cool-down and lower body stretches. Move on to the next level when twice a week you are able to run eight bouts for one minute each without stopping or breaking form.

Advancing to Advanced

Walk 30 to 45 minutes three to five times a week, and run three times a week. Increase your runs to 8 bouts of one and a half minutes of running with one and a half minutes of rest. Every week, add another half minute to one minute to your run time,  gradually decreasing your rest intervals.

Your goal is to work up to 30 minutes of straight running. Don’t forget to cool down and stretch.


* Purchase a quality pair of running shoes.

* Push yourself, and don’t quit. Don’t get down on yourself when you experience a particularly hard run. Making progress takes time.

* Drink plenty of water at least an hour before your run.

* If you must eat, have a small meal or snack at least an hour before your run.

As you add time to your runs your exertion rate will go as high as a nine or 10. Your lungs will hurt, you’ll likely get a stitch in your side and you might even want to hurl. This is normal, and as you press on it will get easier. When you notice a change in your energy and feel like you can go further during a run, do it. Push yourself a little bit more each time and you’ll soon run further and longer than you ever thought you could.