Self Acceptance: Tips to Change Your Tune

Self acceptance is not an easy thing to come by these days. We are constantly bombarded with media messages that seem to convey to us that we’re not good enough. Models and actresses are impossibly thin, and the grass always seems a little greener in someone else’s lawn.

Self Acceptance Tip One – It’s time to gain some self love by employing of a couple self love techniques. Are you too hard on yourself? Do you think you’re too this or too that, not enough this and not enough that? The first thing to do is stop the negative self talk. For one day every time you think something negative about yourself, make a note of it. Keep a count. You might be surprised at how often you are being too hard on yourself. Make it a point to stop the unkind mental chatter. Choose a key word or phrase that will remind you to shift your thoughts in a positive direction. You could say “next,” “shift,” or “flip it” – whatever – just have a word that triggers you to think positive.

Self Acceptance Tip Two – Now, let’s get real. How many times a day do you think negative things about someone else? Being overly critical of others also leads to self criticism. So learn to refrain from saying or thinking unkind things about others. If you watch TV shows where people are being cut down for how they look or the things they’ve done, change the channel. Don’t hang out with overly critical people either.

Try to focus on the positive things you see in yourself and others, and pretty soon it will become natural. You’ll stop looking for everything that’s wrong about yourself, and you’ll have the kind of self acceptance that you need to feel confident and loving toward yourself.

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